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Koganecho Chronicle is an interactive map of the Koganecho area in Naka-ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan. It takes a multifaceted approach to exploring the town in which, different people constantly intersect and, memories get accumulated. Koganecho Chronicle contents are made largely by three groups of contributors:


Students Through fieldwork, interested undergraduate / graduate students discover local resources and find creative ways to present the collected materials. In 2010-2011, students carried out fieldwork under three research themes: Local Knowledge, Local Perspective, and Personal History.


Artists Artists develop new artwork specially made for the Koganecho Chronicle while works previously created in Koganecho are archived here, as well.

Critics and professionals from different fields

Critics and professionals from different fields By drawing from various perspectives, such as urban planning, art, history and education, Koganecho Chronicle facilitates critical discussions on the notion of "community."